Our company AKC REAL GROUP, s.r.o., specializes in a wide range of wood products and wood sales.
This WOOD-ONLINE.EU e-shop originated after many years of professional training of business specialists, forest experts, IT specialists and real estate professionals. By linking state-of-the-art IT technologies and 7 years of experience in trading with all sorts of wood and forestry, we bring to the European market a service that is not a standard. We focus on both private and corporate clients.
Our company is engaged in the sale of various types of wood assortments, wood masses, both in stock, at the place of transport or in the forest, even in case of interest, including the selected forest where the purchased wood is. We sell or arrange for the sale of different pieces of wood in various wood assortments, in different positions: warehouse, place of departure, standing, land. The selected wood assortment can be obtained by agreement, including areas. It also provides a wide range of legal and financial advice in the field of all wood assortments or forests. With a strong financial background and trained professional staff, our company is able to serve your purchase or demand in an unrivaled shorter time.
Our team of staff is able to respond very quickly to client requests. Our activity is not limited to the direct sale of wood assortments, wood mass or wood mass, including forests, but it is also focused on commercial advice when choosing to buy a suitable wood assortment. We consider our obligation to participate in the needs and requirements of our customers or long-term business clients and help solve the problem.